Pre & Post-Surgery Nutrition


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2 separate handouts on a comprehensive surgical nutrition plan that you can use for general surgeries.

General Pre-surgery nutrition (9 pages)

  • what to eat before you have surgery to boost health and promote surgical outcomes
  • 5 main components of nutrition to be consumed before surgery with examples of these foods and how to add them to what you eat.
  • How to build your plate to maximize nutrition intake before surgery
  • If you have to be on a clear liquid diet before surgery, here are the parameters for what to be drinking.

General Post-surgery nutrition (11 pages)

  • an in-depth guide on what to eat after surgery
  • if you need to start out with liquids after surgery, I have provided what is included in clear liquid, full liquid, and soft diet (low fiber) parameters to ease back into a regular diet.
  • Tips to help with any side effects after surgery
    • constipation
    • diarrhea
    • nausea
    • no appetite or no energy
  • What to put on your plate if you do not have any diet restrictions to help with healing after surgery


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