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No matter where you are in your knowledge of GI nutrition, what you’ll find at Dietitian Angela is a space to empower you to provide you and/or your clients with nutrition information to improve gut health. Explore now and start nourishing your gut.

About Angela Peralta RDN, LD

Early in my nutrition career, I struggled with irritable bowel disease, which sparked a deep dive into research for effective gut health solutions. While helping others with digestive issues, I became frustrated by the lack of a centralized resource for the latest nutrition research on gastrointestinal diseases. This frustration became the driving force behind my mission to create a comprehensive library to fill that void.

My vision was to establish a go-to platform where individuals could easily access up-to-date information, insights, and evidence-based recommendations specifically focused on nutrition and gastrointestinal health. I wanted to empower people with the knowledge they needed to make informed decisions and create sustainable, balanced eating for a better quality of life.


Explore our user-friendly library, designed to simplify the complex world of nutrition and gastrointestinal research.

Fun Facts

things I love besides God:

My family: been married over 18 years with 2 very active kiddos.

Gardening: I have a passion for vegetable and flower gardens, and one day building a food forest.

Hiking: being outside in nature and the beauty God created never gets tiring.

Herbs: cooking, healing, teas, tinctures, essential oils. The original medicine.

Mangos: I love eating a big bowl of fruit for breakfast and there are always mangos in my house (fresh when in season or frozen)

Pescatarian: improved my digestion and hormone imbalances

Yoga: a way to help improve my digestion, mental health, and muscle strength.


Angela Peralta RDN, LD is the founder of Dietitian Angela LLC and creator of the Digestive Research Library. She has a bachelor of science in Nutrition and Food Science from Georgia Southern University, is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist since 2007, and has a Certificate of training in Integrative and Functional Nutrition from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

She has worked in various areas of nutrition:

  • Clinical setting where she held a Certified Nutrition Support Clinician
  • University as a retail manager starting and operating 2 new restaurants 
  • Air Force where she partnered with airmen to improve their health along with a personal trainer and exercise physiologist
  • Outpatient which has been over 9 years helping those with various disease to improve their health through nutrition

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