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      Angela Peralta RDN, LD

      Practioner of Functional Nutrition

      Dietitian Angela started to help those with digestive diseases like herself. As she realized there was nowhere she could find a central location for current nutrition research that was easy to understand to help her clients. Thus she created the Digestive Research Library to provide current up-to-date research on the most common gastrointestinal diseases that can be easily translated to her clients.

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      Alkaline Water

      Alkaline Water

      Have you tried alkaline water or seen it in the stores? Alkaline water is water with a higher pH compared to normal drinking water or tap water of neutral 7 pH. Someone I talked to recently was drinking alkaline water. This person was thinking that alkaline water will...

      Plant-Based Iron

      Plant-Based Iron

      A question that I got this week was in regards to increasing iron through diet. This particular person had low iron for loss of blood and was already on iron supplement. This individual did not care for eating meat which is known to have iron, but does eat fish. You...

      Intermittent Fasting

      Intermittent Fasting

      Fasting is not a new concept and has been done for a very long time especially in Christianity. In the book of Matthew chapter 6, Jesus stated "when you fast" thus it was expected people to fast which they did to seek God's guidance like in Acts 13. However, this type...

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