5 Ways to Find Reliable Nutrition Information

Published on: 02/13/2021

One of the most common frustrations I hear people say is they do not know where to go for information because topics they search for on the internet can say different things. They don’t know what to do. Well in this post, I hope will provide guidance on just that. These are just my opinions and observations, and not the only ways to find reliable nutrition information.


First search out your local Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. Why?

  • In a day and age where everything is digital, you might want to see someone face-to-face who can take time to show you in person answers to your questions.
  • support local and small businesses
  • They know your city. The dietitian can point you to local resources in your area for extra support, knows what products are in the grocery store, knows gyms and community centers to go to, and even my know your doctor to connect with them regarding your health.



One of the reasons I started my website was to provide the very similar information I talk with people about, but all in one place so you can find it too. I’m not the only dietitian you can go to online, just do a quick search and you’ll find many of us out there who even have blogs, articles, and other reliable information to provide you no matter where you live. Dietitians have a credible background from science-based schooling to the evidence-based nutrition advice we provide. There are many dietitians who also love one particular part about nutrition, so if you are wanting to know about or want help in diabetes, cancer, pediatrics, sports, gastrointestinal, or even just weight loss there are dietitians for that.

Dietitians also write articles online for other organizations, companies, new media, and health websites. When looking for a nutrition article online look for who wrote it! After the name will be RD (registered dietitian) or RDN (registered dietitian nutritionist), and both mean the same thing. It might have other credentials or licensing lettering such as LD (licensed dietitian). Licensing is state based, so not all dietitian may have it and that’s ok.



I’m not saying to go physically to a university or college to take a class or talk to a professor, but many universities post nutrition information online. For example, my first post on plant-based eating talks about several types of a plant-based diets, and Harvard has written about one in the particular  called the Mediterranean diet and why it’s beneficial for you. Harvard also has a whole website dedicated to sustainability with a guide on how a plant-based diet helps with being sustainable. So, when searching also look for those .edu posts about nutrition.



This is probably not something you might think of when searching for nutrition information, however, there are several non-profits or associations that provide nutrition information for a specific group of people. Again if looking for how the Mediterranean Diet is heart-healthy you can check out the American Heart Association. Those organizations may have .org when searched. Not all .org websites are trustworthy. If you are not sure, then ask below or click on my service at top yo ask a nutrition question for free.



I know sometimes information hospitals give is confusing. However, there are some hospitals that will post some nutrition information online about certain topics or diets. All hospitals have dietitian, so if you ever find yourself admitted, ask the nurse or your doctor to talk with a dietitian. Some hospitals even have outpatient programs, classes, or appointments to talk one-on-one with a dietitian.

As I write blog posts in the future, I may be posting some of these links to better help you find more information about a specific nutrition topic. Well that’s it for now. I hope this helps get you started in finding reliable nutrition information. 

Want reliable nutrition information?

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